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Monday, 11 July 2016

Outfit | Wedding

Dress: Asos
Shoes: New Look
Jacket: Topshop can be seen on (here)

Not the best quality outfit picture, I'll admit.
I went to a wedding with my boyfriend (thats the guy in the picture!) a couple of weeks ago now.
I had planned to take a few more blog friendly pictures of my outfit but the wedding was the first time meeting lot of his extended family and outfit snaps sort of slipped my mind.

I wore the dress with the jacket from my most recent haul video (linked below). It got unexpectedly warm and I didn't really need it but i think it matched the dress quite well.

You may wonder why no black?! I think it may be because someone once told me you can't wear black to weddings, could have been my mums influence (she has banned me from wearing black to family events in the past) but I did fancy getting a little dressed up. As I wear all black every day, another shade makes it feel more special.

Don't expect any other colour injections anytime soon but I might just wear the jacket!


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Saturday, 2 July 2016

New additions | NYX, Kiko, Sleek and Topshop

Kiko - High pigment wet and dry eyeshadow colours 05 and 16
Sleek - Matte me lipstick in Birthday Suit
Topshop - Matte lip bullet in Duvet Day
Maybelline - Brow drama sculpting mascara in transparent

Shall will quickly skip over my notable absence from the blogging world. Its been a while lets just say that! An update video on my YT channel is on its way as to what I've been up to lately.
So for now lets talk makeup! I had planned to post this the day I took the pictures. but that was over a month ago now so its turned into more of a review/haul hybrid.

I've had a bit of an aversion to fashion and clothes in the past few months. I primarily blame no longer working in retail for my constantly shopping but I have just been more drawn to make up instead. 

My newest obsession being NYX. I've known about it for a long time but being that there were never any physical stockists int he UK I largely just left it alone. 
But I happened to be in Boots the day the NYX stand launched in Brighton and the chances of me leaving without buying were non existent. First on my list was a replacement for my taupe blush. I use this for everything, its one of my most worn makeup items. Its great for pale skin as a contour and I also use it as an eyeshadow. Although the shade name is the same, the actual shade is slightly browner that my original taupe blush thats in the old packaging. I also grabbed another blush in Nude'Tude. I am not a blush wearer, I got this with the intention of using it as an eyeshadow instead. 

And I picked up the Prismatic eyeshadow in Girl talk, intending to use it as highlighter!
Its in a tiny pan but the colour is something a bit different. iridescent but with a slight duo chrome effect.

The Matt but not powder foundation is great, Ive used it everyday since purchasing but the HD concealer is a bit of a miss for me. It creased like mad and it dried at least 2 shades darker, leaving my under eyes looking more than a little orange. Not the best look ever!

Kiko is another love of mine of late. They seem to always have a sale on and when they do I seem to always come away with something. I limited myself to just two eyeshadows this time. The high pigment wet and dry shadows in shades 05 and 16. Nothing ground breakingly interesting but completely wearable colours with a bit of shimmer but no glitter.

The Mayeblline brow drama transparent brow gel is another staple, used it daily and I think its great. A very boring product to talk about but I'm a fan!

Last up are lip colours. I don't tend to wear anything other than a clear lip balm, like ever. I find lipstick/gloss/anything to be a total pain and I'm always conscious of it smudging, smearing or feathring all over my face!
The Topshop lip bullet in duvet day was a real fail. The colour is all wrong for me. Something about the tone just made me look a  bit dead.

But the sleek Matt me lipstick in 'Birthday suit' saved the day a little. The colour is subtle and to most other people probably wouldn't notice it but for me its a big step! The formula isn't too drying and its pretty long lasting, doesn't smudge or smear, or really move at all so it does take that fear away.

I won't pretend I don't feel little bit stupid wearing anything on my lips, its like I have a big sign flashing above my head saying this is not something I'm used to and and I'm very self conscious! But the colour is good and I have seen that sleek have released a load more shades in the 'Matte Me' range. I may just check those out too!


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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

New Additions | Topshop Magnificent

Saw these a few months ago, fell in love, bought them, the end.

Its pretty much that simple! I tried these on first time just before my birthday which was in mid November. Thats how long it took me to decide to take the plunge.

It is ridiculous really, because I wouldn't normally think twice about making two smaller purchases separately which would add up to this amount, but for some reason when its a slightly higher price on just one item I get very reluctant to part with my money. And we are only talking about £80, I have no idea how people decide on designer brand purchases that cost hundreds, I bet I'd be agonising over my choice for years!

But back to the boots, the description calls them 'sock boots', they are meant to be very slim on the ankle, unsurprisingly they aren't as slim as that on me. I purchased these in a size 8, I always have to size up from my usually 7 in pointed boots, and on my thin (some have said chicken legs!) there is a little more space around my ankle but I don't really mind. It tends to be what happens for me.
I love the style, the heel height won't be one that I can wear everyday or all day but more and more I prefer to dress up that little bit more when I'm not at work. 
I live in trainers as I am on my feet all day so given when I don't have to I want to be wearing items that I love and that give me a bit of separation from what I wear when I'm working.

Thats how I justify it anyway, sometimes you just have to buy the shoes!


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