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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Life | Allow me to reintroduce myself...

How long has it been?!
Life has been doing the usual thing of getting in the way but I've had a full on even of going over this blog and you know what? I miss it! 
I started this blog way back in 2011 and I feel it deserves a little more love and attention.

A few updates...

1. I have now added a 'Shop' tab/page where I have and will continue to add all of my latest purchases and items I've got my eye on. I love these kinds of pages and check them a lot when looking for inspiration from bloggers or to find out which exact pair of jeans it is someone has been wearing in their latest Instagram picture. 

2. I got new glasses! Not a big deal to most but I did have the same pair for around 5 years. These are my new frames but expect a full post on them soon.

3. I'm on a hair 'journey' of sorts. I'm making a concentrated effort to take care of my naturally curly hair. I have changed every product in my routine and made some rather distinct changes to how I take care of it. I'm still very much experimenting and learning but it's part of the spark that got me back here. I have SO much I want to know about it and share what is and isn't working for me. Again expect future posts on this. 

4. This blog will always be centered around my love of fashion and clothes but if I fancy writing about another topic then you know what? I will! Be that food, travel or anything else. This is my own little corner of the internet and if something feels like it's worth sharing or talking about then I'm going to go with it.

I can't promise I'll be to keeping to any strict upload schedule but more frequently is definitely the goal.


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Saturday, 19 November 2016

New Additions | A.P.C. Demi Lune

Purse: Cos

Isn't it pretty?! Currently I may or may not be gazing lovingly across the room at my new bag...
I know i sound unhinged but I am suffering with a cold so I'm blaming my slightly odd behaviour on exhaustion and being a bit delirious.
Anyway back to the bag, it happened to be my birthday this week and my boyfriend was kind enough to surprise me with this bag and purse.

I first saw the A.P.C. Demi Lune bag when we were in New York a few weeks ago. I walked past a girl who was wearing it and basically it looked so great that I needed to have a look at the bag for my self. She was super stylish and I was sure that if I wore the bag then I would look equally as chic as she did. (Please tell me I'm not the only person who thinks like that?!)
So I went on a little jaunt to the A.P.C. shop on Mercer St in Soho, dragging my boyfriend along too, had a look at it, loved it, looked at the price tag and swiftly put it down.

Well fast forward to my birthday and look what he presented me with. Along with the bag he also go me a very cute little purse from Cos to go with it. I have an unnecessarily large purse, which is usually not an issue as my handbags that I use on a daily basis are always on the giant size as well. But unsurprisingly my everyday purse won't even fit into this bag never mind leave space for anything else, so he wisely he got me a smaller card holder/wallet hybrid to use with it. 

Now I just need to streamline my makeup bag and declutter all those other unnecessary things I seem to cart around with me but never actually use or need!


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Friday, 4 November 2016

Outfit | Last of the summer

Top: Urban Outfitters (old) similar here
Shorts: Asos
Shoes Marks and Spencer similar (old) here and here
Bag: Vintage
Watch: Nixon
Rings: Accessorize and Vintage
Necklace: Argos, similar here
Glasses: Ray-Ban

Today I had to hunt out my slippers for the first time, so I think it is safe to say summer is over for us here in England. 
But let us rewind back to only a few weeks ago when it was shorts and sandals weather.


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