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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Photo Diary | Come on Phantoms

I'm still in NY and last we went too an Ice hockey game. We go to one every time we visit my Aunt and Uncle and I really enjoy it! There is something quite stress reliving about shouting abuse at angry hockey players!
We were supporting the 'Adirondack Phantoms' who were playing against the overly vicious 'Portland Pirates'. Im pretty sure some of their players were out for blood. But thats half the fun when they start fighting...or is that just me? 
With any american sporting even came the barrage of adverts and loud music but it was a great evening. After what seemed to be a never ending sudden death round the Phantoms were victorious winning 3-2!
After we went for food at a bar. That believe it or not is a Philly Cheesesteak sub meant for  one person. It was massive! I want too add it tasted a lot better than it looks!
I'm off out tonight for yet more food and fun for new years eve. It will be pretty low key but nice to spend it with family.


Friday, 30 December 2011

Life | For 2012

I've been thinking about this more and more recnetly. I have so much stuff, so many things and I just keep buying and buying. I don't need more but I get more because of changing trends or fads or what have you. I will be the first to admit that I am pretty materialistic and I shop a lot but for 2012 I want to cut this out. 
I want too apply this little mantra too all areas of my life from clothes and makeup to possessions in my home. I want less clutter and more simplicity. I'm sure my boyfriend will be thrilled to hear this as we are planning on moving in together in a few months!
I hope to get a job in January and instead of spending like mad with my additional income I want to buy a few special things that are perhaps more expensive or more meanigful and then save the rest for our house. If I haven't really considered a purchase then I will try and not make one. Nobody 'needs' the hot new thing every week and I want too try and just buy things that are going to last me a long time, that I will treasure and that are timeless.
Its not going to be easy but I'm going to try!


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Nails | A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

These have to be my favourite nails I've done in a while. Im not sure if its to do with my new found love affair with O.P.I or just that the colours go really well together. The base is O.P.I 'Skull and Gloss Bones' which initially I thought might make my hands look like a corpse but its thick and well pigmented and really works in this combination. Im not sure I would use it alone. The spots are O.P.I 'My Private Jet'. A lovely sparkly brown. I've had near constant compliments on them so I'm not the only one that thinks they look good! 
My current base coat of choice is the Models own 3 in 1 'Base/Topcoat and Gloss' which isn't much to shout about. But the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat really is worth mentioning. I have yet to find one that lasts as long or makes polish as shiny as this one.
I've bought a few other new nail polishes during this trip so hopefully I will be able to come up with some other nice new combinations!


Monday, 26 December 2011

Life | New York New York

View from my room
I couldn't resist a using such a cliched title but It had to be done. 
I am here in New York City, the centre of the universe and the busiest place on the planet.
After a crazy day of running around I am now settled into my hotel room. A gorgeous hotel room might I add, thats in the centre of Time Square. Having a family member working for a major hotel chain definitely has its perks! 
We have done so much already today, trying very hard to cram everything into such a short trip. Being that it is our 4th visit we do have the advantage of having done all of the typically touristy things before. So we can relax and just do what we feel like doing.
Just going to make this short as we are on our way out the door for a thai meal and I am of course running late as always. Some things never change!


Outfit | Christmas day

Velvet top: Charity Shop
Velvet Striped Shirt: Vaudeville and Burlesque at UO
Leggings: Topshop
Velvet Slippers: ShoeZone
Glasses: Ray-Ban

So its attempt number two at an outfit post. Im still very much learning how to take self portraits so excuse my angry expression!
I knew I would be consuming large quantities of food today so stretchy leggings were an absolute must.Other than that I just wanted to be warm, so I piled on layer upon layer of velvet. Even the slippers. Which I love and never have off my feet when I'm at home. There was slim to no chance of me changing out of them in to proper outdoor shoes just for a photo!
At the moment I really like wearing collared shirts buttoned up to the top with a jumper over them. Its an easy way of having on lots of layers without looking bulky.
If you have an eagle eye you can spot my new bracelet that I got from my mum for christmas. that i showed in the previous post. Its so simple and plain which is why I love it.
Tomorrow (the 26th) I am off to New York City to spend my birthday and Christmas money. Possibly all my savings as well! I hope I don't bankrupt myself during the trip but its entirely possible!


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Stocking Fillers

So this is what i got in my stockings. Yes thats stockings plural. I was spoiled enough too get two! One from my Mum and one from my Aunt. To be honest it was a complete surprise. I thought that now that I am the grand old age of 21 that I would now be considered an 'adult' and too old for such things. Gladly they thought differently!
The top photo is my Mum's and the bottom from my lovely Auntie! I think the contrast from American products and English is quite obvious but I like that I got some stereotypically American things like M&M's and a Tootsie Roll (which I've no idea what it is but I'm assured its nice). 
Im so grateful for all my lovely gifts and now all im waiting for is Christmas dinner. I've got my very stretchy leggings on in anticipation, bring on the turkey!


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Life | Its Christmas Eve!

I cant believe its Christmas eve already, the past few weeks have literally flown by.
Im currently in New York visiting my Aunt and Uncle. They live upstate a little outside of Albany in the most gorgeous log house. I wanted ot say log cabin but theres nothing remotely cabin like about their lovely home.
This is their christmas tree, How great does it look? It seems everything in America is just so much bigger and better!
We have been here for two days and my aunts has made it her mission to fatten me up before I go back home. I'm very much enjoying it as her cooking is AMAZING. Im sure there will be a post or two about it on the way.
Today we are off to get some bits and pieces for christmas dinner and some last minute presents. I hope everyone has a great christmas eve and day! 


Friday, 23 December 2011

Nails | Christmas Nails

Can you tell that I have really bean enjoying my chirtmas break? Having so much down time has lead to some Christmas themed nail art!
The reindeer is by far my favourite but all together i think it is quite sweet, a little over the top but that fine this time of year.
The base is Models Own 'Champagne' and the nail art pens I used were form a set from eBay. I didn't bring a large variety of colours with me so it really was go Christmassy or do nothing.
Im currently trying to think up something amazing I can do for new year but so far I'm stuck for ideas. Hopefully I will find some inspiration soon!


Wishlist | Ideal Outfit

My ideal outfit

Alexander Wang Shirt, Topshop Faux Leather Trousers, Acne Jumper, Topshop Coat, Kurt Geiger Boots, Romwe Bag and Pamela Love Rings

I do already own some variation on all of these items already but a girl can dream of Acne, Alexander Wang and Pamela Love cant she?
The one thing I am dying to get my hands on is a simple well made white button down shirt. Its proving much easier in theory than in practice too find one that is 'just right'. Im also thinking these black boots could be a replacement for my much loved and almost destroyed Topshop pair that I have worn into the ground. But being suede Im not sure they would last a huge amount of time either. 
One day i will be the very proud owner of at least one Pamela Love ring. Better start saving now...


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Photo Diary | Blood, Tears and Gold

  1. Pile of santa hats at our textiles meal
  2. Window at Choccywoccydoodah
  3. Giant festive ribbons in Whistles window
  4. Hot chocolate at Costa
  5. Lights in the Laines

Its all getting a little bit christmasy in Brighton. I'm finding myself increasingly drawn to all things red, festive and sparkly. My magpie tendencies are definitely out in full force. Im doing all I can not too buy everything I see thats been dipped in glitter. 
I also am starting too think I was born with an inherent desire to wrap myself up in so many layers that I can barely move. All this week I have not been without at least two jumpers, a scarf and massive coat. I will not let the cold defeat me! 
But this is nothing, just wait until I'm back home in bonny Scotland. The arctic conditions await. Hope i can pack accordingly.


Life | Waiting For the Right Time

Lately i feel like I've been spending my entire life on busses. In reality its only around one and a half hours a day, at most when the traffic is horrendous it can be stretched to two. Put like that it does sound quite lengthy.
I while away the hours on my phone amusing myself with twitter and listening to the the same music over and over again. My current obsession is 'Hurts' 'Happiness'. I've had the album on repeat for weeks and still am not nearly bored of it. I've been doing the (very) pretentious thing of naming all my posts after song titles or lyrics from the album.
I've also been getting a bit introspective (get me!) about the blog, not really sure what its ultimate focus is going to be. But at the moment I'm just really loving taking photos and having a place too write down some of the things swirling around my brain.


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Photo Diary | Bills

It may not look like much from the outside but Bills is a real find. I had ben told by just about everyone everyone since I moved to brighton that Bills is a must visit. Serving breakfast lunches and dinner you will seriously struggle not too find something to love on their menu.
When we got there there was a queue from the back all the way to the door, were informed it would take around 20 minutes to be seated. Unsurprising seeing as it was a Saturday afternoon. I was happy just taking it all in and snapping away but after 10 swift minutes we were seated.
Almost impossible too choose just one
Louisa's chargrilled chorizo sandwich
My fish finger sandwich
The food was lovely, the only thing I could fault is the fact that I was far too full too order a desert. the ladies sat at the table adjacent to ours were enjoying some sort of brownie concoction that looked delcious. I will make sure i leave room next time.
After polishing off our food we had a little peruse of the amazing selection of produce they have on sale. I think anything form here would make a great present for any food lover you may have in your life. And Louisa did just that, a jar of Bills jam is winging its way to scotland for her parents as we speak.

My thoughts on Bills? Go and eat there! Its not cheap but you definitely get what you pay for.  Next time my mum comes to visit ill be sure to take her.
And if your not in brighton They have 4 other locations in the south of England. Go on, you know you want too!

Visit The Bills website here


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Outfit | Illuminated

So this is the first outfit post on my blog. still feels a little odd saying that. My Blog. I've crammed a lot of posts into today. I've had all these photos hanging around  on my laptop from the past couple of weeks and I really needed to do something with them. Having a bit of its now or never moment.
I digress, but lets not beat around the bush, this is a very rubbish photo. Im in the process of learning how to use my camera and all its features and complex workings of blogger. So to say I'm still learning is quite the understatement. 

I took this in the changing rooms in Beyond Retro when i went shopping last week. I've hardly had this coat off since I got in in a charity shop for £7 (bargain) around a month ago. I whipped out the shoulder pads, rolled up the sleeves and here we are. I've been pairing it with this H&M Fur collar for a bit of added warmth. Along with my usual pile of silver rings and obligatory Topshop ankle boots.

Camel Coat: Charity Shop
Fur Collar: H&M
Velvet Top: Charity Shop
Black shorts (barely seen): Topshop with DIY trim
Boots: Topshop
Bag: Vintage
Rings: Vivienne Westwood, Accessorize, Vintage, Bjorg at UO, Ebay and Street Seller
Watch: Calvin Kelin


Photo Diary | Unspoken

1. Beyond Retro, I cannot physically leave this place without purchasing something
2. One lemon meringue pie and two cookies and Kream donuts from Krispy Kreme
3. Rail of vintage coats in "Too Be Worn Again"
4. Rack upon rack of vintage shoes in TBWA
5. My place of worship
6. Silver Rings from a Street seller. I've been and tried on the same ring from his stall every time i walk past. I think he's getting a bit fed up of me. Its int he photo but Im not telling which!
7. Mens Brogues in TBWA. With my boat feet several of these fitted me, but i was convinced out of purchasing a pair. maybe a little too manly.
8. Bagelman. If you haven't been the GO. NOW. Its really my favourite thing, I am beyond obsessed with the bacon cheddar melt on onion.
9. Some beautiful vintage jewellery in a cabinet in Snoopers Paradise. I think i was once a magpie.


Photo Diary | Wonderful Life

1. The Vintage Wooly Jumper Store Co sign attached to a bike on North Street
2. The amazing selection of donuts in Krispy Kreme, how do you choose?
3. Two doyles I know, thats a term of endearment I promise
4. A collection of old and vintage tins in Snoopers Paradise
5. My love affair with the North Laines continues
6. Vinatge old and rare book shop in the Laines
7.Two bikes ties to a post. If i were less clumsy/disaster prone/inherently lazy I would seriously consider purchasing a bike. so much quicker than the busses.