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Monday, 26 December 2011

Outfit | Christmas day

Velvet top: Charity Shop
Velvet Striped Shirt: Vaudeville and Burlesque at UO
Leggings: Topshop
Velvet Slippers: ShoeZone
Glasses: Ray-Ban

So its attempt number two at an outfit post. Im still very much learning how to take self portraits so excuse my angry expression!
I knew I would be consuming large quantities of food today so stretchy leggings were an absolute must.Other than that I just wanted to be warm, so I piled on layer upon layer of velvet. Even the slippers. Which I love and never have off my feet when I'm at home. There was slim to no chance of me changing out of them in to proper outdoor shoes just for a photo!
At the moment I really like wearing collared shirts buttoned up to the top with a jumper over them. Its an easy way of having on lots of layers without looking bulky.
If you have an eagle eye you can spot my new bracelet that I got from my mum for christmas. that i showed in the previous post. Its so simple and plain which is why I love it.
Tomorrow (the 26th) I am off to New York City to spend my birthday and Christmas money. Possibly all my savings as well! I hope I don't bankrupt myself during the trip but its entirely possible!


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