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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Photo Diary | Come on Phantoms

I'm still in NY and last we went too an Ice hockey game. We go to one every time we visit my Aunt and Uncle and I really enjoy it! There is something quite stress reliving about shouting abuse at angry hockey players!
We were supporting the 'Adirondack Phantoms' who were playing against the overly vicious 'Portland Pirates'. Im pretty sure some of their players were out for blood. But thats half the fun when they start fighting...or is that just me? 
With any american sporting even came the barrage of adverts and loud music but it was a great evening. After what seemed to be a never ending sudden death round the Phantoms were victorious winning 3-2!
After we went for food at a bar. That believe it or not is a Philly Cheesesteak sub meant for  one person. It was massive! I want too add it tasted a lot better than it looks!
I'm off out tonight for yet more food and fun for new years eve. It will be pretty low key but nice to spend it with family.


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