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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Life | Its Christmas Eve!

I cant believe its Christmas eve already, the past few weeks have literally flown by.
Im currently in New York visiting my Aunt and Uncle. They live upstate a little outside of Albany in the most gorgeous log house. I wanted ot say log cabin but theres nothing remotely cabin like about their lovely home.
This is their christmas tree, How great does it look? It seems everything in America is just so much bigger and better!
We have been here for two days and my aunts has made it her mission to fatten me up before I go back home. I'm very much enjoying it as her cooking is AMAZING. Im sure there will be a post or two about it on the way.
Today we are off to get some bits and pieces for christmas dinner and some last minute presents. I hope everyone has a great christmas eve and day! 


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