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Monday, 26 December 2011

Life | New York New York

View from my room
I couldn't resist a using such a cliched title but It had to be done. 
I am here in New York City, the centre of the universe and the busiest place on the planet.
After a crazy day of running around I am now settled into my hotel room. A gorgeous hotel room might I add, thats in the centre of Time Square. Having a family member working for a major hotel chain definitely has its perks! 
We have done so much already today, trying very hard to cram everything into such a short trip. Being that it is our 4th visit we do have the advantage of having done all of the typically touristy things before. So we can relax and just do what we feel like doing.
Just going to make this short as we are on our way out the door for a thai meal and I am of course running late as always. Some things never change!


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