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Saturday, 3 December 2011


With my boyfriends first day off since he moved to Brighton we decided to take advantage of the very unseasonal November sunshine and take a walk along the seafront to the Marina. We sadly has just missed the end of the weekly car boot sale, hope to catch it next time. There are quite the random selection of shops down there and I'm still not entirely sure what to make of it but even if you go just too have a look at the boats and the water i think its worth it.


After such an extensive amount of walking we had too stop for some refuling. And we could think of no better place than the newly opened "Small Batch Coffee Company" just beside Jubilee Square.

Apparently one was chocolate and one passion fruit. Didn't taste of much!

Being that I don't drink coffee i opted for hot chocolate and some rater crumbly meringues. It did all look slightly better than it tasted! Im am assured that the coffee is good though.
But i did love the cups, me any my boyfriend had somewhat of a race to see who could reach the bottom first to discover what the picture was of. Not to brag or anything but I did win. 

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