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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Photo Diary | New York Day 2

Trying to be concise with these pictures is just not working so here is another massive post. Halfway through the day it started to pour with icy rain so I'm still amazed how many photos I managed to take. We spent most of the rainy portion of the day in the International Center of Photography. Nearly the whole time viewing the main exhibition, 'Remembering 9/11'. To say it was moving or powerful does not even come close. To say the least Im glad I got to see it.
  1. The view from the interior of our hotel - there was something crazy like 45 floors
  2. One very blurred shot of Sephora - one place I was dying to visit
  3. Urban decay in Sephora - after snapping this I was swiftly informed there was no photography
  4. Spandex world(!)
  5. American Apparel in Hells Kitchen
  6. A Classic apartment Building
  7. One Bryant Park
  8. Dylans Candy Bar at Bryant Park
  9. Chicken fajita from The Bread Factory - YUM
  10. Desert counter at The Bread Factory
  11. The Silk House
  12. Dean & Deluca
  13. Bryant Park
  14. Desigual
  15. Macys
  16. Old School Wooden Escalator in Macys
  17. AHMAZING deserts in Ruth's Chris Steak House - Just go there
  18. My sister and I at Times Square - my mothers not so brilliant photography skills are to thank
It was a really wonderful day filled with some brilliant food and some well considered spending.


Monday, 23 January 2012


I insisted we take a trip to the Museum of Arts and Design. The last time I visited New York there was an amazing exhibition on called 'Slash: Paper Under The Knife' which was one of the most amazing exhibitions I have ever had the privilege of seeing. 
There wasn't a stand out exhibit on like that this time but it is still somewhere I would definitely go back to every time I am in New York.
This piece caught my eye. From far away it looks like some sort of strange toxic cloud. Its  by an artist called Tomoko Ishida who works primarily in paper. I was stood peering at it for some time. I initially thought it was constructed from twisted plastic and was surpised to discover it was in fact paper. Without much reason or explanation I just like it.
On the top floor of the museum they have an open studio space where a working artist comes in and produces work. It is very interactive and it was great to be able to talk to the resident artist about what he was doing. I am studying textiles myself and am always interested in peoples ideas and motivations. Basicly I'm dead nosey!
If you have an interest in anything related to the arts I strongly suggest visiting this amazing museum. Even if you don't you may just enjoy it!


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Photo Diary | New York Day 1

I cut this down by at least two thirds and it is still far too may photos for one post. To say I was a little snap happy is a major under statement. I wanted to photograph everything, record every detail. New York is like no other place I have ever been and I don't want too start spouting cliches about the brilliance of it but it is all true! 
This was my fourth trip to New York and it was a short one, much shorter than previous visits. I had only 3 days in this amazing place and it would seem I recorded every single minute.
  1. New York Marriott Marquis - Our hotel in the heart of Times Square
  2. Starbucks for three - Nothing more american
  3. Times Square
  4. Columbus Circle
  5. Museum of Art and Design - a must visit
  6. A window from the inside of the museum
  7. The desert selection at Bouchon Bakery
  8. View on a street off Columbus Circle
  9. Central Park
  10. Me, my sister and Mum in our horse drawn carriage
  11. Central park south
  12. Couldn't for the life of me remember where this is, but doesn't it look nice?!
  13. Bloomingdales
  14. Marc by Marc Jacobs sign in Bloomingdales
  15. View from a window in Bloomingdales
  16. Our Hotel room - Marriott have THE comfiest beds of any hotel chain. FACT.
  17. Christmas tree close up
  18. Random advert attached to a truck in Times Square
  19. Times Square at night
Sorry of you are viewing on a mobile device, 19 pictures is excessive however you spin it! Now I am off to tackle the remaining 2 million photos I have not yet sorted through!


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Nails | Sugarplum Fairy

I love this combination of polishes, both are recent purchases from New York. O.P.I 'Skull and Glossbones' and Colour Club 'Sugarplum Fairy'.
I just could not get the photos to do the glitteryness of this polish justice. It is the perfect silver glitter with a slight lilac tinge, but only very slight. More so in the bottle than on the nail. It also has flecks of multicoloured glitter when it catches the light. 
The glitter is really dense and it only took one coat to achieve the look in the pictures. Just so you couldn't see my natural nail in anyway I used 'Skull and Glossbones' underneath. It has become my go too neutral base for nails lately and I think the two work really well together. 
Instead of the usual glitter accent nail I did the reverse and left the ring finger with the plain polish. I think it makes the glitter shine even more.
I know it will be a complete and utter nightmare to remove but I think its worth it!


Friday, 13 January 2012

Photo diary | A Night and A Day

To celebrate my boyfriends birthday we took ourselves off on a little trip to London. The day that we left for the big city happened to be the same day that I flew back from Edinburgh. It was very busy few hours with one flight, lots of trains, some very rushed packing, one minor emotional meltdown (I was very tired) and of course reuniting with my lovely boyfriend whom I hadn't seen for 3 weeks. Really was far too long if you ask me.
That evening we headed off for a really great dinner at "Pizza East" with some friends. It has such a cool atmopshere and if you ever go there I recomend you get the garlic bread. It is seriously good. 
Our room for the night was at Hotel Indigo in Tower Hill. The room was gorgeous and I did not want to get out of that bed, it was unbelievable. It puts my tiny little bed to complete and utter shame. One day I will have a bed that comfy in my own house.
Our Saturday was spent eating even more and ambling around the market. Of course there was a little bit of shopping. be rude not too considering we were staying so close to Shoreditch and Spitafields market. I did only make two (very considered) purchases. More on that in another post. But I am keeping to my own resolution of quality over quantity.
Fingers crossed I can keep it up.