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Monday, 23 January 2012


I insisted we take a trip to the Museum of Arts and Design. The last time I visited New York there was an amazing exhibition on called 'Slash: Paper Under The Knife' which was one of the most amazing exhibitions I have ever had the privilege of seeing. 
There wasn't a stand out exhibit on like that this time but it is still somewhere I would definitely go back to every time I am in New York.
This piece caught my eye. From far away it looks like some sort of strange toxic cloud. Its  by an artist called Tomoko Ishida who works primarily in paper. I was stood peering at it for some time. I initially thought it was constructed from twisted plastic and was surpised to discover it was in fact paper. Without much reason or explanation I just like it.
On the top floor of the museum they have an open studio space where a working artist comes in and produces work. It is very interactive and it was great to be able to talk to the resident artist about what he was doing. I am studying textiles myself and am always interested in peoples ideas and motivations. Basicly I'm dead nosey!
If you have an interest in anything related to the arts I strongly suggest visiting this amazing museum. Even if you don't you may just enjoy it!


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