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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Photo Diary | New York Day 1

I cut this down by at least two thirds and it is still far too may photos for one post. To say I was a little snap happy is a major under statement. I wanted to photograph everything, record every detail. New York is like no other place I have ever been and I don't want too start spouting cliches about the brilliance of it but it is all true! 
This was my fourth trip to New York and it was a short one, much shorter than previous visits. I had only 3 days in this amazing place and it would seem I recorded every single minute.
  1. New York Marriott Marquis - Our hotel in the heart of Times Square
  2. Starbucks for three - Nothing more american
  3. Times Square
  4. Columbus Circle
  5. Museum of Art and Design - a must visit
  6. A window from the inside of the museum
  7. The desert selection at Bouchon Bakery
  8. View on a street off Columbus Circle
  9. Central Park
  10. Me, my sister and Mum in our horse drawn carriage
  11. Central park south
  12. Couldn't for the life of me remember where this is, but doesn't it look nice?!
  13. Bloomingdales
  14. Marc by Marc Jacobs sign in Bloomingdales
  15. View from a window in Bloomingdales
  16. Our Hotel room - Marriott have THE comfiest beds of any hotel chain. FACT.
  17. Christmas tree close up
  18. Random advert attached to a truck in Times Square
  19. Times Square at night
Sorry of you are viewing on a mobile device, 19 pictures is excessive however you spin it! Now I am off to tackle the remaining 2 million photos I have not yet sorted through!



  1. SOOOOOO jealous Tania! It looks bloody freezing though... xxxx

    1. It was so cold, really bright and sunny but absolutely freezing. I wanna go baaaack!! xx

  2. 12. Its park Ave.