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Friday, 13 January 2012

Photo diary | A Night and A Day

To celebrate my boyfriends birthday we took ourselves off on a little trip to London. The day that we left for the big city happened to be the same day that I flew back from Edinburgh. It was very busy few hours with one flight, lots of trains, some very rushed packing, one minor emotional meltdown (I was very tired) and of course reuniting with my lovely boyfriend whom I hadn't seen for 3 weeks. Really was far too long if you ask me.
That evening we headed off for a really great dinner at "Pizza East" with some friends. It has such a cool atmopshere and if you ever go there I recomend you get the garlic bread. It is seriously good. 
Our room for the night was at Hotel Indigo in Tower Hill. The room was gorgeous and I did not want to get out of that bed, it was unbelievable. It puts my tiny little bed to complete and utter shame. One day I will have a bed that comfy in my own house.
Our Saturday was spent eating even more and ambling around the market. Of course there was a little bit of shopping. be rude not too considering we were staying so close to Shoreditch and Spitafields market. I did only make two (very considered) purchases. More on that in another post. But I am keeping to my own resolution of quality over quantity.
Fingers crossed I can keep it up.



  1. I love pizza east so much! The veal meatballs with cream base pizza is to die for and the salted caramel chocolate tart - Yumyum!

    1. I was so full i didn't have desert, i wish i had now! I had a broccoli and spicy sausage pizza that had the creamy cheesy base as well. Delicious!