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Monday, 2 January 2012

Life | So long New York

My suitcase is packed and I'm waiting to leave for the airport. I won't be home until 7am UK time on the 3rd of January even though I leave today (the 2nd) at 1pm. Connecting flights and stop overs are crappy.
Its going to be a long time travelling and I am not excited at the thought. Im not a fan of flying or airports but it can't be avoided. Im pretty sure my bag is way over the luggage weight limit as well so I will just have to hope that its not too much of an issue.

Its been an amazing two weeks and it has sped by. It really does feel like it was yesterday that we arrived, its been so nice to spend time with the family. We don't get too see them nearly enough. 
On the other hand I am very excited to get back to Brighton. My boyfriend and I have spent Christmas apart yet again. In total it will have been over 3 weeks we have gone without seeing each other. But I'm back just in time for his birthday.
Anyway I must stop my rambling as I am needed to help cram all out cases in the car. 

(P.s I sorry for the lack of outfit posts the past couple weeks. All I've been wearing is leggings, jumpers and baggy t-shirts with no make up pretty much the whole time I was here. Promise to try and be more interesting when I'm back home!)


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