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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Photo Diary | Lazy Saturday

This was a couple of weeks ago now. Thanks mainly to my hectic Uni and work schedule I didn't get around to posting these pictures.
On my day off there was nothing I wanted to do more than wander around and not do much of anything. Just spend some time with my boyfriend. He works full time with irregular days off so its always nice when we get time off together.
We spent the morning meandering round Brighton. With a stop off at Cafe Coho for a delicious toasted parma hama, parmesan and rocket sarnie. If you can grab yourself a table then count yourself lucky. When ever i've been its been very busy so get there early. But I do believe they have added more seats due to them being so in demand! 
The breakfasts are definitely worth getting out of bed for but you can't really go wrong with anything on the menu. I do not however recommend following them on twitter like I do. Their posts never fail to make me drool!
Continuing our quest for food we headed to Hotel Chocolat and the lovely Angel Food Bakery. My cupcake of choice was chocolate orange and his a devils food cake/ peanut butter concoction. I have been assured it was very nice, but mine was clearly the superior choice!
In desperate need to walk off some of the calories we had a little wander round the pavilion gardens and peruse of the brighton museum. It must have been pretty captivating as we where there until chucking out time.
All in all it was a very successful, very unproductive day.



  1. I love your blog :)
    cheers lila

  2. Thanks so much! I think it can be a bit random!

  3. Aw look at Smithy in his wee hat! Looks like a fan day pal, can't wait to see you guys next week! X

  4. oh god do not talk to me about that hat, I've threatened burning it! Yaaaas! Cant wait to be at home! x

  5. my mouth is watering, the food all looks too good! xx

    1. After being shut up doing sketchbook all day I'm pinning for any of the above! x

  6. Hi Tania!I wanna ask you how long do you scrunch your hair with a towel?Does it takes 10minutes and then you dry it by air or you keep drying it with a towel all 20minutes??Thanks a lot!!

  7. Hi, I do it every few minutes for about 20 mins. then with the hairdryer. Its never the same every time just do what ever i feel like it needs. Its just to keep the curl tight until its dry, the weight of my hair just pulls the curl down!