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Friday, 30 March 2012

Nails | Re-Fresh Mint

Whenever I get stuck as to what design to do on my nails I nearly always come back to leopard print. Its simple but looks really interesting.
As the weather is getting nicer it feel right to reach for pastel summery shades again. China Glaze 'Re-Fresh Mint' is the perfect pale mint green thats very pigmented. Two coats are all that you need to achieve an opaque colour.
I really love china glaze polishes. Its a shame they aren't more widely available in the UK but eBay usually has every colour you could want, and for a pretty good price. I could easily spend hundreds on nail polish but I try to limit myself as much as possible!
For an added bit of sparkle i just used 'Champagne' by Models Own for the spots. I don't think I can do my nails anymore without adding at least a little bit of glitter!


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Supplement

So this a new one for the blog. Whilst a weekly update post isn't a new idea, I do think its a nice way to wrap up the events from the week and start fresh for Monday. Or maybe just an excuse for me to ramble on about things.
The name may well change but 'Sunday Supplement' is just what popped into my head when I sat down to write this! I seem to be favouring cheesy titles at the moment anyway.
Its been a slightly eventful week. I had two big uni deadlines last friday so of course in the middle of having to complete masses of work I got quite ill. It started out as a cough on Wednesday and then turned into a chest infection. I powered on and somehow got everything finished and handed in. 
And then I think my body just gave up.
I have been bed ridden for the past two days but today I've started to feel better. Its been a bit rubbish being able to see the glorious sunshine but not be able to go out and enjoy it, but tomorrow is the first day of my 3 week easter break. 
Aside from the odd shift at work I have no plans other than to catch up on some blogging, film some videos and relax.
I couldn't be happier at the thought.


Friday, 23 March 2012

Photo Diary | Beside the sea

I am sorry that I have seriously neglected things on here lately. When my uni work mounts up my blog tends to take a serious hit. But I have plenty of photos to stored up so now that I am finally on easter break I can get around to putting them up!
These pics are from when my lovely friend Meg and I ditched our Thursday afternoon lecture and took ourselves down to the beach for some good old fish and chips. Our project was getting a bit stressful so a little time away from it was really what we both needed. The blazing sunshine did't really hurt either.
There isn't much that can't be made better by some time with a good friend, food and a lovely view of the sea.


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Photo Diary | Afternoon Tea

A few weeks ago the boyfriend and I whisked ourselves off for afternoon. I must add that this was only with the aid of a Groupon voucher that my boyfriends lovely mum gave us as a present.
otherwise I'm not sure it would have been the first thing we would have chosen to do on a (very) gloomy Wednesday afternoon but It is one I hope to repeat in future.
We wrapped up warm and fought off the sea breeze to get ourselves to the Thistle Hotel down on the sea front. 
We handed over our voucher and were greeted first with tea (for my boyfriend) and hot chocolate (for me) then with this lovely cake stand piled with goodies. 
For savouries there were crustless sandwiches two of each filled with cucumber, tuna or egg and cress. They were very nice but if you know me I'm all about the cakes!
The scone with jam and cream was the definite highlight. The chocolate cake was lovely as well but I must admit that the custard pastry thing (yes that is its proper name) really did not do it for me. 
I snapped a quick shot of myself as we left, my boyfriend has no patience for my obsession with taking photos and was already in the revolving door leaving me to it!
I thought I would chuck in a a couple of pieces of art that caught my eye on the walk home. The first, a mural on some scaffolding and the second an oil painting in the window of a rather posh art Gallery. Not sure they were to happy with me photographing it!
I would love to go for afternoon tea again in Brighton so if you have any recommendations they would be great to hear!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nails | Spark-tacular

For this nail combination I decided to just pile on the sparkle. Unfortunately no matter how many photos I took, there was just no doing it justice. Trust me that in real life it just looked so much better, far more glittery and eye catching!
Models Own 'Champagne' is one of my favourite shimmer polishes. It is a nude toned silvery/gold. Very hard to explain properly but I have used over half the bottle now it its definitely one of my go to polishes. I planned to use it alone but after applying it, it felt a little to plain. A little silly considering its a metallic gold shimmer which is in no way subtle.
So instead of doing the normal thing and leaving it as it is I chucked on Sephora by O.P.I's 'Spark-tacular' top coat. Which basically is the much talked about 'Birthday Suit' by O.P.I. with a different name.
I did think it was glitter overload but I love over the top nails that are on the verge of being on the wrong side of tacky. These are definitely this.