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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Photo Diary | Afternoon Tea

A few weeks ago the boyfriend and I whisked ourselves off for afternoon. I must add that this was only with the aid of a Groupon voucher that my boyfriends lovely mum gave us as a present.
otherwise I'm not sure it would have been the first thing we would have chosen to do on a (very) gloomy Wednesday afternoon but It is one I hope to repeat in future.
We wrapped up warm and fought off the sea breeze to get ourselves to the Thistle Hotel down on the sea front. 
We handed over our voucher and were greeted first with tea (for my boyfriend) and hot chocolate (for me) then with this lovely cake stand piled with goodies. 
For savouries there were crustless sandwiches two of each filled with cucumber, tuna or egg and cress. They were very nice but if you know me I'm all about the cakes!
The scone with jam and cream was the definite highlight. The chocolate cake was lovely as well but I must admit that the custard pastry thing (yes that is its proper name) really did not do it for me. 
I snapped a quick shot of myself as we left, my boyfriend has no patience for my obsession with taking photos and was already in the revolving door leaving me to it!
I thought I would chuck in a a couple of pieces of art that caught my eye on the walk home. The first, a mural on some scaffolding and the second an oil painting in the window of a rather posh art Gallery. Not sure they were to happy with me photographing it!
I would love to go for afternoon tea again in Brighton so if you have any recommendations they would be great to hear!



  1. Amazing Photo's


  2. Some gorgeous photos; i'd love to live near the seaside! hah, lovely blog; love watching your ootd's on youtube too! :) xo

    1. thank you. I really like being by the sea its still a total novelty! i want to try and get some more fashion or outfit posts up on here its just taking the photos is a bit of a challenge! x