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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Supplement

So this a new one for the blog. Whilst a weekly update post isn't a new idea, I do think its a nice way to wrap up the events from the week and start fresh for Monday. Or maybe just an excuse for me to ramble on about things.
The name may well change but 'Sunday Supplement' is just what popped into my head when I sat down to write this! I seem to be favouring cheesy titles at the moment anyway.
Its been a slightly eventful week. I had two big uni deadlines last friday so of course in the middle of having to complete masses of work I got quite ill. It started out as a cough on Wednesday and then turned into a chest infection. I powered on and somehow got everything finished and handed in. 
And then I think my body just gave up.
I have been bed ridden for the past two days but today I've started to feel better. Its been a bit rubbish being able to see the glorious sunshine but not be able to go out and enjoy it, but tomorrow is the first day of my 3 week easter break. 
Aside from the odd shift at work I have no plans other than to catch up on some blogging, film some videos and relax.
I couldn't be happier at the thought.


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