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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Nails | Ombre Glitter and Dots

This is such an easy design but I think it looks really quite impressive! During my easter break I had serious time on my hands and it lead to a few new nail ideas, that paired with the acquisition of a new set of dotting tools and there was no stopping me. The base is Models Own 'Mystic Mauve' with glitter from China Glaze in 'Lorelei's Tiara and the spots are 'Black Magic' also from Models Own. Its super easy and really there is no skill involved. You just need a bit of patience to wait for the different coats of polish to dry.
I really cant wait to try out more spotted designs!


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Supplement | 3

So this week I started back at uni and then went to a wedding up in Durham. After darting up and down the country for the past couple of days I am now safely back tucked up in bed in Brighton after a long day at work.

At uni I met the final year weaver that I will be assisting this term. She is lovely and I can already get a glimpse of how much work and massive amounts of money are needed to produce your final collection. Along side this, us first years have a trimmings project to complete. Its a really tiny warp (the width of the fabric) at only about 2 inches so hopefully will get all 10 required samples completed quite quickly.

In other quite exciting news my boyfriend and I have found a flat! We hope to move in in the middle of June so fingers crossed all will go to plan.
Ever since we found it there really has been no tearing me away from the ikea catalogue and random interiors blogs. In my mind it is fully furnished with gorgeous all white everything but in reality goodness only knows what strange mish mash of stuff we will end up with! But its fun to Imagine!


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wishlist | Ideal Outfit

Ideal Outfit | 2

3.1 Philip Lim, CYCLE shorts, theyskens theory backpack, Sam Edleman sandals, Global Goods Partners bracelet, American Apparel nail polish

This is what I am craving forc summer. At the moment I''m wearing pretty much this exact combination but of course with much more purse friendly alternatives. As it is not quite summer I have adapted it to be suitable for the colder weather. So black jeans instead of shorts and ankle socks with the sandals. I have also developed a minor obsession with neon yellow. I think its a great unexpected accent when wearing basic black and white, which of course I am never parted from.


Monday, 16 April 2012

Sunday Supplement | 2

I seemed to have overlooked continuing this post for the past three weeks. I think my head has been filled with nothing but fluff.
I have taken full advantage of my easter holidays by doing mainly nothing. In general I have been relaxing, reading, shopping and eating. It really was just what I needed. But thats all over now as I start back at uni tomorrow. 
Things were getting pretty full on last term what with the work load and general stresses of life but now two of our modules are completed so the going should be a bit easier. I'm looking forward to possibly even having a social life once again!
Also this week I will be meeting  the final year weave student that I will be assisting with their collection. Im really excited to see what work is involved and hopefully learn a lot from the girl I'm paired up with.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Photo Diary | Sun and Sea

A few snap shots of my time spent at the beach during our bizarre March heatwave.


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Nails | Chevrons

This design was inspired by Lexi from Fashion Filth/So Totally Vlog. She posted a great video tutorial on it and I thought it was really eye catching but just so easy to do.
I chose two Models Own polishes, one glitter in the form of 'Disco Mix' and a metallic shimmer in 'Champagne'. I think the colours are an unusual pairing and they work really well together.

Watch Lexi's video here.


Friday, 6 April 2012

Outfit | What We Wore

So this is what I wore for my mums party. I am pictured here with my twin sister. Yes that is right twin sister! We are of course non identical and you really wouldn't be alone in thinking that we don't look like we are related.
For my Mums sake I chose a very non me dress. She asked me kindly if I would please not wear black and seeing as it was her party I obliged. For some reason I can not find any full length shots but I wore  a pale blue/grey midi dress from Asos with pale grey shoes from Zara. You can see the dress properly here and the shoes here. It took me a long time to track down any shoes that I thought could go with this but eventualy after going round every shop in Brighton I found a great pair in Zara. They aren't too high but not too mumsy and with a flash of silver to make them slightly fresher looking. I just need to find another event to wear them for now!

I have never had so many compliments on an outfit in my life. Honestly everyone was just so lovely. Its nearly enough to get me away from my beloved black!

My sister wore a really pretty backless white lace dress from Topshop with nude peep toe shoes from Next. The dress is no longer online but you can see her shoes here.

Its really not my usual style and I rarely wear dresses but I think its fun to dress up every once in a while. And it made my mum happy so thats the most important thing.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Photo Diary | Celebrating 50 Years

The reason for my trip home was to attend my Mum's 50th birthday party. These are just a random mish mash of pictures from the evening. From our hotel room to the end of the evening with my boyfriend seemingly despairing either with me or just giving into tiredness!
It was a brilliant night filled with some manic ceilidh dancing and spending some quality time with family and friends.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Photo Diary | A Day in Edinburgh

A few weeks ago now i went home to edinburgh and miraculously the sun came out! These are just a few photos from the day we spent in town. Edinburgh will always feel like home and it was nice doing the touristy thing and taking lots of pictures. you never really appreciate where you have always lived until you are away for a while, and this was definitely true for the quick few days i was at home for.