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Monday, 2 April 2012

Photo Diary | Henna Party

A fair few weeks ago now I attended a get together with the student branch of Brighton's Women Institute. I know what your thinking the W.I? Isn't that all about jam and old ladies baking cakes? Well actually no its not! My lovely friend Rosey helps run the events and the henna party was her idea so I took myself along with a couple of friends to show our support. 
Rosey getting stuck in
Once she got going there was no stopping her
I reluctantly let Rosey doodle away on my hand and i think she did a really great job. If i hadn't of stopped her she happily would have continued it all the way up my arm.
Bobbie doing a very intricate and delicate design on Emma's wrist
Marwood Coffe Shop were nice enough to let us use an upstarirs room for our gathering and it really was the perfect space.
These were the results the next day. After it flaked off the henna underneath turned out to be a really nice and quite subtle orangey/brown. I got so many compliments on it over the course of the week it lasted. If i get the chance to go to another henna party i most definitely will!


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