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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Supplement | 3

So this week I started back at uni and then went to a wedding up in Durham. After darting up and down the country for the past couple of days I am now safely back tucked up in bed in Brighton after a long day at work.

At uni I met the final year weaver that I will be assisting this term. She is lovely and I can already get a glimpse of how much work and massive amounts of money are needed to produce your final collection. Along side this, us first years have a trimmings project to complete. Its a really tiny warp (the width of the fabric) at only about 2 inches so hopefully will get all 10 required samples completed quite quickly.

In other quite exciting news my boyfriend and I have found a flat! We hope to move in in the middle of June so fingers crossed all will go to plan.
Ever since we found it there really has been no tearing me away from the ikea catalogue and random interiors blogs. In my mind it is fully furnished with gorgeous all white everything but in reality goodness only knows what strange mish mash of stuff we will end up with! But its fun to Imagine!


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