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Friday, 6 April 2012

Outfit | What We Wore

So this is what I wore for my mums party. I am pictured here with my twin sister. Yes that is right twin sister! We are of course non identical and you really wouldn't be alone in thinking that we don't look like we are related.
For my Mums sake I chose a very non me dress. She asked me kindly if I would please not wear black and seeing as it was her party I obliged. For some reason I can not find any full length shots but I wore  a pale blue/grey midi dress from Asos with pale grey shoes from Zara. You can see the dress properly here and the shoes here. It took me a long time to track down any shoes that I thought could go with this but eventualy after going round every shop in Brighton I found a great pair in Zara. They aren't too high but not too mumsy and with a flash of silver to make them slightly fresher looking. I just need to find another event to wear them for now!

I have never had so many compliments on an outfit in my life. Honestly everyone was just so lovely. Its nearly enough to get me away from my beloved black!

My sister wore a really pretty backless white lace dress from Topshop with nude peep toe shoes from Next. The dress is no longer online but you can see her shoes here.

Its really not my usual style and I rarely wear dresses but I think its fun to dress up every once in a while. And it made my mum happy so thats the most important thing.



  1. Aww you and your sister look so so nice! I love the dress, always good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while! You look very 'elegant' hehe. Glad you had a nice time, those cupcakes in your last post look amazing!

    Chloe xx

    1. Oh thank you! Yea I did feel very grown up and sophisticated! not very me at all! Honestly I think I ate about 5 that night, the cupcakes looked good but they tasted 10x better! xx

  2. The dress is absolutely beautiful, I love the colour! x


    1. thank you, yea i thought it was quite unusual :)