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Friday, 4 May 2012

Photo Diary | Brighton Farm Market

Today I popped my head into the Brighton farm market on north road. I have walked past it so often but have never ventured inside. Its not the full market thats open on weekdays, I believe the main even is on Saturdays. But it being friday there were still a few smaller stalls set up selling local and very tempting looking produce. I wanted to snap pictures of everything but as a neared a rather interesting looking stand covered with cakes I was quickly informed there were no pictures allowed. I was rather put out but at least I came away with a few! Next time I have a day off on a saturday I will definitely pop back and pick up a few things.
Oh and I chucked in a shot of Dirty Harry for good measure. Its great for mens vintage clothing and not as expensive as the likes of 'To Be Worn Again' so of course me loving my menswear I love it going and having a root around in there.



  1. These are such beautiful pictures! I love food so much, and the artichokes look especially amazing! x


    1. thank you! I really want to try everything! x

  2. Wow, that food looks good! Love the old cash register.


    1. It was such a nice thing to see. Supermarkets get a bit boring! x