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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Photo Diary | Colour Inspirations | IKEA

Just a few snaps of things that caught my eye when I went to Ikea last week. I study textiles and have always loved looking at texture, colour and pattern. This is obviously not really reflected in the way I dress but I am trying to branch out a little. Especially with the work I am doing at uni. I very much want to push myself to try and incorporate more interesting colours and textures.



  1. omg I loveeeeeeee these pictures, just saved a few in my inspiration folder hope you don't mind :) I just can't get enough of pattern, I wish there was an ikea near me I neeeed some of those fabrics!

    Chloe xxx

    1. That made my day chole! Of course its alright, i could honestly look at pictures like this all day. Was in two minds whether or not to post it but I'm just going to try and post what I like and what interests me. hopefully others will like also!