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Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Additions | Cheap and Cheerful

I am just on a roll with this blogging malarky! Today I went shopping with my sister and picked up a few random things around town. 
We visited all the usual places, Topshop, Zara, Urban Outfitters and H&M. But honestly I could not be more bored by what is in the shops at the moment. Not that I particularly need anything but literally nothing grabbed me. Not one thing. That is until visited the Primark mens section. I pretty much bypass the women's floor in Primark these days, its just not my thing. Plain simple t-shirts however very much are. This grey ombre number was £7 and I plan to do the usual, cut off the sleeves and the pocket. I bought it in a size large as I do like tops to be oversized.
Superdrug also had a few goodies. I stumbled upon the most hyped up product of the moment in the shape of the Bourjois 'Magic' nail polish remover. Don't hate me but I may have nabbed the last two on the shelf. 
I spotted a set of three makeup bags, two in leopard and one in black for £6. I am strangely addicted to keeping things a little too organised in lots of pouches and as these were rather inexpensive I couldn't really help myself. The MUA eyeshadow in shade 19 also managed to make it into my basket as I needed a back up eyebrow powder to keep at my boyfriends.
Last but not least were two black hair scrunchies from Claire's Accessories. My sister thought I was slightly mental for buying them but I'm channeling my inner 90's kid at bit at the moment. If they had been velvet they would have been ideal but i'll settle for these for now!
I'm trying to broaden my blogging horizons a little so hopefully will do more posts like this in future.


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