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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Supplement | 5

This week really has been filled with food, food and more food. My boyfriends parents and my sister were both down visiting this week so I have done nothing but eat amazing meals in lovely restaurants. 
I've felt rather spoiled if I'm honest! Being a student I tend to cook/re heat whatever is easiest and cheapest so I have definitely appreciated it.
Tonight I am preparing for my final uni hand in of my first year. This only really involves trimming, washing and mounting my samples from the last project as my sketchbook is already done. 
After tomorrow morning it will all be over. I cant believe my first year is almost completed. It has literally flow by. All that is left is helping the final year weave students set up for the degree show and their final hand in on friday.
This week I am also modelling two of the final year's collections for their photoshoots. Im more than a little nervous about it, I really hope I do an ok job. I don't want to be responsible for messing anything up for them. A model I am not but I am going to give it my best shot! Underneath the fear I am quite excited. But only a little!
Its going to be quite the eventful week, I may even be going out on thursday to celebrate the end of term. And if you know me this is quite the rarity!
I really am the most boring student in the world.



  1. everything you've just said sounds so familiar! i'm currently a first year knit student :) our hand in was last week and we've been helping third years ever since! i'm modelling for 4 of their photo shoots tomorrow and i'm quite nervous although more nervous about modelling in their final catwalk on wednesday! trying to think of ways to get out of it!
    sure you're modelling will go well :) good luck xx

  2. Oh wow! I hope it went well! Im sure it as great. My nerves are ever increasing hope it goes well. Catwalk as well? you'll be a pro by the time you are in 3rd year! Everyone will be asking you next year as well i bet :)

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