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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Life | Preoccupied

I have so much to say I don't even know where to begin. I feel like all I keep saying is how busy I am but everything has been so hectic lately. I wouldn't have thought it would be considering I don't have uni to contend with but I seem to have filled that void rather easily.

I have moved out of halls and into my boyfriends flat. We are here while we wait for the keys to our new place. The only problem is our current lease runs out in just over a week and then are effectively homeless. Its taking a ridiculously long time to sort out and with no guarantees or reliable time frame. Rather infuriating and stressful to say the least.

While we are here we have no internet connection. I am borrowing the wifi from a local shop, hopefully they won't notice. Although useful its not strong enough to blog properly or upload youtube videos. Irritating but I am trying to find ways around it!

I have also been busy being a model the past few weeks. A paid model at that! It has been for friends graduate collections from my university. I hope to get my hands on copies of the pictures so I can share them and show them off! I haven't seen the finished results so I just hope they turned out all right! I did a few photo shoots and a catwalk show which was filmed and will be projected onto the wall at the graduate show.

The private view is on thursday so I want to snap as many pictures of it as possible. If I'm allowed!

On top of this I have been working extra shifts, living the dream in retail! This week I have been in London seeing my mum and visiting one of my friends. I got a bit snap happy so expect a few post on these. I want to get them up as soon as possible but forgive the delay. Having no proper internet is driving me crazy!


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