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Monday, 16 July 2012

Photo Diary | Reunited

A few weeks ago now I took a trip to London to visit a friend. We used to work together up in Edinburgh but have both since moved down south. Living the hectic lives that we do we hadn't seen each other in over a year so it was great to catch up.
Our day was dictated by our quest for food. First a stop off a Wahacca for lunch. It is a Mexican street food restaurant that is honestly my new obsession. A post on that is on its way.
Then a meander round Selfridges with a quick macaroon from Pierre Herme and a lengthy browse in the Cos sale. I only bought one very small bracelet but if I had had my way I would have come away with half the shop. I am also a little bit consumed by my love for that everything Cos sell. Its so simple but always interesting. I think I am beginning to sound like a broken record!
Then of course my very first Pinkberry experience followed. I opted for strawberry, raspberry and nutella. It was great but I think that the frozen yogurt place in Brighton that I usually frequent (aptly named 'lick') might just be better.
It was a gorgeous sunny day that I could not have enjoyed more. I need to get on the train and go and see her more often that once a year. And not just because she shares my love of food. It is only 50 minutes afterall. There is just no excuse.


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