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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Supplement | 7

I feel like I might almost be settled down and back to normal with posting on here and on youtube. Just in time to move house! Yes thats right we have FINALLY been given the go ahead and my boyfriend and I move into our new flat next sunday. 
We will have a lot to prepare in the days leading up to it but fingers corssed it will run smoothly. I'm trying to take the approach that if I'm as organised as is humanly possible it will be trouble free. Bit optimistic perhaps?!

I have been trying to not get too ahead of myself and get overly excited at the prospect as there have been a few set backs with the move. But now that we are past all that I'm really looking forward to being settled in a flat and not have to think about packing up and moving on any time soon.

Now its time for the fun stuff. I can pick all the little things like paint, wallpaper and bedding. If I had my own way the entire flat would be painted white with wooden floors and minimal classic furniture but my boyfriend of course gets a say and he has vetoed the all white. Im slightly gutted but I'm not surprised that I will have to compromise on my all white vison. And as for the rest of my dream furnishings money is the only limiting factor. So maybe one day I will be able to talk him round once I've saved up enough for all the beautiful things I would like!


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