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Monday, 6 August 2012

Photo Diary | Wahaca

As I mentioned before I decided to dedicate an entire post to my visit to wahaca, my new favourite place to eat. I went for lunch in Covent Garden when I was in London a few weeks ago with my friend Alicia. She had been singing it's praises all morning and as soon as she mentioned it was mexican street food I was sold. I love mexican cuisine and I have been whining conistsnelty for few months to anyone who will listen that there aren't any good mexican restaurants out there, well wahaca has answered my prayers. I may sound like I am ranting and raving on and on but as you know I love my food and I think wahaca have got it so right.

I ordered a black bean and cheese quesadilla and tacos with grilled british steak, grilled cheese and salsa. And if Alcia had let me I would have ordered at least 3 more dishes. I also recommend trying the apple and raspberry juice if you are so inclined. Being that I hate anything fizzy its a good option. If you fancy it then you can check out their extensive menu here.

In my excitement to get stuck in I wolfed down my quesadilla without managing to snap a picture. For the tacos I managed to regain my blogging composure and quickly got a shot before tucking in. It really was delicious. Light and fresh but packed with flavour. If you think of mexican food as stodgy then think again. This is more like mexican tapas, smaller dishes that are simple, full of zest and created with great ingredients.

After a quick spot of research/drooling on their website and blog I can tell you they now have seven restaurants in London and one mobile street kitchen. 

I can't even say how jelous I am of all you Londoners out there. I will have to save my visits for special occasions until they see sense and open a Brighton branch!
I will be visiting London this week and I hope I can persuade my friends to join me in a repeat visit.


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