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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show 2013

All photos from the ECFS facebook page. Photography by Edmund Fraser 

I thought I would share some photos from the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show earlier this year. My sister is part of the team which organises it so I wanted to share the love and show off her and all the other volunteers incredible hard work. 

The have their own blog which you can find here, you can also follow them on Twitter at 
@EdiFashionShow and like them on Facebook for updates and news on the event.

Being that I am now living in Brighton I wasn't able to attend this year as I had to be in uni the day before and after but I really hope to make it next year. The amount of work that goes into it astounding and they deserve some major recognition for it! 

Go on you know you want to check it out...



  1. i really like these, so full of character! xx

    1. There were about 20 I wanted to include. had to narrow it down. Such great pictures :)