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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Photo Diary | Textile Graduate Exhibition 2012

In June I was lucky enough to attend the private view of the University of Brighton Textile Graduate Exhibition. It was held in the beautiful Crypt Gallery at St Pancras Church. The exhibit was as the name suggests presenting the work and collections of the class of 2012 Graduates of Textiles from the University of Brighton in the areas of Print, Knit and Weave. 
All of the graduates work was presented really brilliantly, in such a beautiful space. I can't envisage it looking better in any other place. The quality of the work was amazing and being able to get up close and properly look and maybe have the odd touch (don't tell anyone) made it all the better.
This is why this post is so photo heavy. I had to cut out about half of the images I wanted to use and still it's massive.
Everything really did look great and I can only hope that when my graduate exhibition rolls around it will look half as good as theirs.
I'd like to think I feel confident but the inside I'm terrified! 

You can find more details and info on the University Blog


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