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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Photo Diary | On the Coast

These are just a few snaps from when I visited my Grans little area of the south coast back in September. 
She lives in a lovely and rather quaint little seaside town. I love it so much, It genuinely feels like going home every time I visit her. 
As children my sister and I spent most of our summer holidays every year at my Gran and Grandads and most of that time was spent at this beach.
Im glad I grabbed my camera when we took my Grans dog for a walk as I really don't have any other pictures of where she lives.
And for an incredibly amateur photographer I was pretty pleased with what I ended up with. My Gran liked them anyway, so thats all that matters!



  1. I really love these photos you have taken!! out of curiosity, what camera did you use? x

  2. i really like your videos on youtube because your style is amazing! I'm so happy that you have a fashion blog as well. i will follow you immediately! :-) happy weekend, you're great! :-)