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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wishlist | Birthday

The title says it all really. It so happens to be my birthday next month (the 15th incase you were interested!) and my mum asked me, as she does every year what ideas I could give her  for what I might like present wise.
Off the top of my head I really couldnt think of anything. By trying to maintain my spending ban I haven't been looking at clothes and what not online nearly as much as I usually do. Trying to avoid temptation and all that but a quick sweep over my Pinterest boards I was quickly able to compile a little list. 

First up is The Dior Nude Shimmer Highlighter. After Mary's post on this lovely little product its been in the back of my mind for a while. I rarely spend a lot on make-up. I am much more of a Boots/Superdrug/ELF kind of girl but this seems to be that bit special enough for a present. And the Nina Ricci Nina perfume is the only perfume I ever wear and I have ran out so its about time I replace it.

This gorgeous silver  jumper more so represents pretty much everything that Cos sell. I love everything they have and would be super happy to receive anything from the shop. I love it that much.

On to shoes, I have been eyeing up both the Reebok Classics and Dr Marten 1461's for ages. They are both practical and functional which is probably why I haven't bought either of them! I always seem to buy pretty but very impractical shoes that I never wear. I think these would fit in pretty seamlessly with my wardrobe.

Lastly are the Ray-Ban round metal glasses. I love my current Clubmaster frames and I will continue to wear them but I would love to have these beauties in my possesion. I own the sunglasses in this style already and love the shape so I really would like to be able wear these frames everyday. I have been warned they might end up looking a little harry potter-esque but secretly that makes me quite happy!


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