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Friday, 2 November 2012

Nails| Polka Dots

I took about a thousand photos of these nails. They just do not show up in pictures very well. 
I started with O.P.I's Alpine Snow and then layered up a few coats of an Accessorize glitter. In my opinion it really isn't much to rave about. It took a lot of layers to get any visible coating of glitter. Also it has no name, just the label 'Shade 33'. I really hate it when brands do this. I will be the first to admit I love the names brands like Models Own, OPI and Essie give polishes and giving it a number seems lazy and just makes it forgettable.
Anyway to make the white glittery base more interesting I added polka dots using Models Own Black Magic. 
Black on white always seems to illicit the most comments and compliments from people. Such graphic colours always catch people eye but using a dotting tool designs like this are just so easy to do.


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