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Friday, 9 November 2012

Photo Diary | Northerners Down South

I've managed to unearth some more forgotten photos from the summer. My boyfriend and I went to London for the day to meet up with some friends we used to work with back home in Edinburgh.
Its rather unheard of for us all to be in the same city at once seeing that we are spread all around the country, so we jumped at the chance to catch up.

That meant excessive amounts of shopping and copious amounts of food. We spent most of our time around the Carnaby Street area and I think I may have fallen in love with the Cheap Monday shop. If it was possible to live in a retail location thats where I would choose! I had to be forcibly removed by my friends as I was taking so long looking at everything and holding up our quest for lunch.

A burger and a brownie later the shopping was resumed. We had to do our best to convince Maz that buying the 'I heart Justin Beiber' jumper was not the wisest of investments. Luckily she listened to reason and didn't take it home with her.

It would have made quite the souvenir. But i would have loved to see her sporting it back in glasgow!


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