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Friday, 16 November 2012

Photo Diary | Window Shopping

Just a few snaps from the past weekend. We spent our sunday wandering around the shops with my parents and twin sister who were visiting to celebrate our 22nd birthday.
When my mum is visiting I take it as an excuse to go to the slightly more upmarket shopping area that is the south lanes. Essentially just shops that are a bit more grown up and expensive than my usual retail locations of choice. Cos and Mac were most definitely visited!
I also did my sister nails. The picture I took of them really doesn't make them look great but in real life they did look rather nice. She liked them anyway.
And just to explain the last shot of me and my boyfriend. He is growing that stuff on his face for movember. He has done it the past three years so I am kind of used to it by now but I do still think it looks rather comical. If you do fancy taking a little look at his movember page feel free!


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