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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Photo Diary | The Chilli Pickle

As a treat for our (upcoming) birthday, my sister and I chose to go to the Chilli Pickle for our celebratory meal.
I have always heard great things about this restaurant from pretty much everyone I know in Brighton. So this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out.
I can whole heartedly agree with everyone else's rave reviews. This is how all Indian restaurants should be. Nothing like just your standard curries and rice. Their dishes are packed with seriously amazing flavours and tasty combinations of ingredients. I had the lamb tandoori platter and would order it again in a heartbeat.
The puddings are definitely not to be sniffed at either, I opted for the chocolate and orange pot. It may have looked small but it was the perfect amount as it had such a rich creamy consistency.

If you live in Brighton or are planning a visit then definitely give this place a visit. Be warned you will need to make a reservation of you are thinking of going on a weekend as we saw dozens of people be turned away who hadn't already booked.
Its popular for a reason!



  1. I'm visiting a friend in Brighton in a few weeks, definitely going to pay this a visit! Been wanting to try out an Indian that isn't just curries for aages :)

    1. Aw if you do I bet you will love it. If you can try and book a table as it really was heaving! So lovely though x