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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Life | Christmas

I wanted to break my little blog silence by saying a very merry christmas to all you lovely people. I have been super busy of late, working in retail during the festive period is all consuming and I have basically just been too tired to muster up anything remotely creative or interesting to write or photograph. So I share with you a couple of my instagram pictures instead.
I have just arrived back in Brighton after having spent two days in Kent with my family. It has been lovely but it always flies by far too quickly. I didn't do anything more than eat a lot of indulgent food, watch christmassy TV, spend time with the family and nap on the sofa.
For me thats what christmas is all about.

Hope you had a great couple of days.


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Friday, 14 December 2012

Photo Diary | Sunday in Hyde Park

I seem to be incapable of uploading and editing a blog post within two weeks of taking the pictures. I don't know if I forget or I'm just putting it off because I have so much uni work on the go all the time.
Either way these are some pictures from a day I spent in London with my Mum and friends who were visiting from Sweden.
My mum was staying in a hotel in Kensington. Its one of her favourite places to stay as she went to university there back in the day. Her uni building is sadly now been turned into what I am sure are some very expensive flats.
She was delighted to take me to the Muffin man tea shop as she used to eat there when she was a student. I think she was more surprised than anything that it was still there. It was packed as well!
She decided we would have a short walk through Kensington gardens on our way to meet up with our friends in Hyde Park. This short walked turned into a two hour trek all around both parks.
I was not in the best of moods by the end if it! Walking is lovely and it was very picturesque but my god it was cold.
The thought of going to Somerset House for the Valentino exhibition was all that kept me going.
It was I think the second day of it being open to the public. Luckily we didn't have to queue but it was fairly crammed inside. It was really beautiful and I am so glad I was able to see so many amazing creations up close.
When we left the queue was out the door and down the street so being early definitely paid off.
We ended the afternoon with a well deserved meal in pizza express. I opted for the new calzone they have on their menu. Definitely worth trying. I am one of those people that always gets the exactly same thing so for once I was adventurous.

This was a bit of a different trip to London. We avoided all the busy pre christmas craziness of Oxford street and the shops and spent some quality time with our friends enjoying the lovely sunny (but freezing) winter weather.


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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Whistlist | Christmas

So here are a few bits that I have got my eye on for christmas.
My mum and boyfriend asked me if there was anything I fancied and honestly there wasn't really. My friends and family got me some lovely things for my birthday and I really do not need anything else!

After a perusal of my pinterest board and my amazon wish list I came across some forgotten bits and bobs.
The weave book is something I really should have bought at the start of this year. Its really essential for my textiles course but I always manage to overlook the essentials and buy things I like instead of need.

The headphones are actually bit of a pipe dream, they cost a fortune and I'm not remotely expecting to receive them as a gift but this is a wishlist after all.

The Barbour Waistcoat may look like an odd choice, seeing as I am neither a hunter or farmer but it is to zip into the lining of my Ashby jacket for wintertime to make it all toasty warm. 

The Doc martens, The T-shirt and Grace Coddington's memoir are just some things that have been lingering in my subconscious.  Unfortunately that T-shirt has already sold out on Asos so I'm not going to hold me breath there!

I find planning for others much more enjoyable than looking for stuff that I would like. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and families faces when they open things I've bought for them rather than anticipating what I will receive.

Fingers crossed they like it!


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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Photo Diary | Sunday Roast

I don't really know whats better than a sunny cold day filed with food and mooching about without anything really to do.

Thats how my boyfriend and I spent our sunday a couple of weekends ago. Today we are having the brilliant fun that is painting skirting boards in our flat. Such glamour.

After an amazingly delicious roast at the Hampton pub we went for a wander down towards Hove. If you aren't familiar with Brighton and its surrounding areas Hove is in the most simple of terms, Brighton's posh more upmarket neighbour. 
Whilst roaming around we had a look in the i gigi general store. 

I must say I kind of love it. They had all kinds of gorgeous and expensive things that I would love for our flat. Maybe one day.

We ended our afternoon with some cake. What could be better?


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Monday, 3 December 2012

Nails | Glitter and Texture

Lately I havent had much time for fancy nails. Being super busy has caused them to take a bit of a back seat. Looking at these pictures from a couple of months ago (yes I am that behind on posts) I want to sit down and do something fun with my nails again.
With these I decided to go all out with glitter and sparkle. The base is my favourite black. China Glaze 'Smoke and Ashes' from the Hunger Games collection. Up close it has tiny reflects of dark blue, green and silver.  
On top of this I used the Sephora By OPI 'Spark-tacular' Top Coat. And as if that wasn't quite enough I added China Glaze 'Optical Illusion' in a messy gradient effect on the tips.
I do remember it was quite the nightmare to get off but I love how they all look together.

I might just liven up my boring one colour nails with some glitter this evening!