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Monday, 3 December 2012

Nails | Glitter and Texture

Lately I havent had much time for fancy nails. Being super busy has caused them to take a bit of a back seat. Looking at these pictures from a couple of months ago (yes I am that behind on posts) I want to sit down and do something fun with my nails again.
With these I decided to go all out with glitter and sparkle. The base is my favourite black. China Glaze 'Smoke and Ashes' from the Hunger Games collection. Up close it has tiny reflects of dark blue, green and silver.  
On top of this I used the Sephora By OPI 'Spark-tacular' Top Coat. And as if that wasn't quite enough I added China Glaze 'Optical Illusion' in a messy gradient effect on the tips.
I do remember it was quite the nightmare to get off but I love how they all look together.

I might just liven up my boring one colour nails with some glitter this evening!



  1. wow- what a beautiful nail design! looks like galaxy nails!


    1. Ahh I so want to try galaxy nails! thanks so much :)