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Friday, 14 December 2012

Photo Diary | Sunday in Hyde Park

I seem to be incapable of uploading and editing a blog post within two weeks of taking the pictures. I don't know if I forget or I'm just putting it off because I have so much uni work on the go all the time.
Either way these are some pictures from a day I spent in London with my Mum and friends who were visiting from Sweden.
My mum was staying in a hotel in Kensington. Its one of her favourite places to stay as she went to university there back in the day. Her uni building is sadly now been turned into what I am sure are some very expensive flats.
She was delighted to take me to the Muffin man tea shop as she used to eat there when she was a student. I think she was more surprised than anything that it was still there. It was packed as well!
She decided we would have a short walk through Kensington gardens on our way to meet up with our friends in Hyde Park. This short walked turned into a two hour trek all around both parks.
I was not in the best of moods by the end if it! Walking is lovely and it was very picturesque but my god it was cold.
The thought of going to Somerset House for the Valentino exhibition was all that kept me going.
It was I think the second day of it being open to the public. Luckily we didn't have to queue but it was fairly crammed inside. It was really beautiful and I am so glad I was able to see so many amazing creations up close.
When we left the queue was out the door and down the street so being early definitely paid off.
We ended the afternoon with a well deserved meal in pizza express. I opted for the new calzone they have on their menu. Definitely worth trying. I am one of those people that always gets the exactly same thing so for once I was adventurous.

This was a bit of a different trip to London. We avoided all the busy pre christmas craziness of Oxford street and the shops and spent some quality time with our friends enjoying the lovely sunny (but freezing) winter weather.


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