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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Modelling | Printed Textiles Scarf Shoot

So here is more shots of me playing pretend at being a model. Don't I look terrified?!
I'm not sure if these ended up being used but the plan was to have the images projected on the wall at the degree show to showcase the graduates works and samples as scarves. I was to sit in the same spot in the same position with the same facial expression so the pictures changed it would only be the scarves that differed in each shot.  As ever I found it really hard to cut is down but this is only a small selection of the beautiful pieces I was modelling.

The works pictured are all by printed textiles graduates and as shown are by;

1. Jade Telles
2. Jade Telles
3. Emily Morris
4. Emily Morris
5. Erin Phillips
6. Laura Dean
7. Laura Dean & Rosie Tims 
8. Rosie Tims
9. Erin Phillips

For more information or pictures of each graduates work check the University Blog 


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  1. You are so beautiful Tania! x


  2. Lovely scarves, you look just as lovely!
    Katie xx

    1. I really wanted to have a couple of them for myself! Thank so much :)