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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Photo Diary | Wahaca Take Two

I was in London last week to see my Mum who was visiting from Scotland. She suggested Wahaca for dinner and I certainly wasn't going to object. I've been once before and if you fancy reading me gush about it even more then you can find the post here.

It was even better this time as I could take full advantage of not having to pick up the bill! My greediness aside the food was fantastic. I think its great having a few small dishes instead on massive plate of just one thing.

The covent garden restaurant has also had a little sprucing up. It is nothing major that I could notice from last time but I'm pretty sure that there was some new art on he walls and whatnot. 
Only negative was as it was super busy there was an almighty chilly draft from the door from people constantly coming in and out. My Mum and friend all agreed that it was just a bit too cold. It was a very cold night so not surprising but it was a bit of a pain.

All that said it wasn't a big issue and it definitely wouldn't stop me going back. The food is just too good. And if you are planning a visit then get the Churos. They are delicious.


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