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Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Closer Look | Needles and Nails Brighton

So last friday I received a call and returned home to my mother ship. Well no not really but its about as close as you could get. I actually went and got my nails done at 'Needles and Nails Brighton'.
A recently opened nail art studio in Brighton's North Laines. 6 Kensington Gardens to to precise.
As the name suggests its not just Nails they have to offer, they were primarily a piercing and tattoo studio which has now branched out into doing nails and some other beauty treatments.

After speaking with the owner Matt I jumped at the chance to pop in and have a nosey around and have my nails done. If you have read my blog before or glanced at my instagram you will know how much I love all things nail related. But strangley I have never actualy had my nails done by anyone else!
First things first is finding the place. Its not hard you just need to keep your eyes open. They don't have a front door of their own, you go in through a shop called 'Loaded' and then when inside go upstairs. Just follow the sounds of the tattoo machines!

Nestled next to the tattoo and piercing studios is the nail studio. Now since these photos where taken they have added to the walls and made some changes decor wise so definitely check out their instagram for more up to date pictures.
As I sat down I was greeted by dolly the dog. I am a big lover of small dogs and I was fawning all over the poor little thing. I was thoroughly engrossed with playing with her and chatting with Dolly (one of the tattoo artists who has the same name, not the dog!) and Matt that my waiting time flew by.

I then met the lovely Christa who is one of the nail artists. She also has a blog if you wish to check out some more of her amazing designs. I went in not knowing what I wanted. Just that I wanted to try something that I hadn't attempted myself. There are plenty of books and pictures around should you need a little inspiration but if you have a specific design in mind that is fine too.

I settled on a multi coloured non traditional camouflage design. Using mint green, pale blue and a neon purple with splashes of black. Christa is so talented at what she does and such a lovely person to talk too. I am in love with what she came up with for me.

Once my nails where completed I intended to sit for a couple of minutes before getting my things together but I stayed for a while longer. Its too easy to just hang out! Its a busy place so there is always something happening.

I eventually tore myself away but I plan on visiting again soon. I can't recommend them enough, If you are curious about nail art or already obsessed like me I would say you have to go and check them out. Full details on all the services and treatments on offer can be found on their webiste.
If you have any queries or questions don't hesitate to get in touch, they are a friendly bunch!

An in depth post on my nails can be fond here.


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