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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nails | Greenberry Gelly Hi-Shine

I finally got my hands on one of Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes that everyone has been raving about.  I was holding out of this colour, 'Greenberry' as every time I went in search it was sold out. The other colours are nice but I wanted to get this one most of all as I don't have a shade similar to it already.

So what do I think? Its good but its not life changing. To get a colour this opaque it took 3 coats. Not just the one like some are claiming. Now this might be down to this shade as I have heard some of the reds and pinks are more pigmented but this one is definitely not passible with one coat. 
What I think really holds this back is the brush. Barry M brushes are all rather small and a wider brush that hold more polish would definitely make the application of it easier and neater.

Its definitely leaves a very shiny finish. There is no denying it but if you are someone like me who always uses has to use a high gloss topcoat it really doesn't make much differnece. If you don't use a top coat then I think It would be a great option to get a glossy finish with minimal effort. But personally  I just cant forgo the ritual of using a super shiny topcoat.

I know it sounds like I am giving it quite a scathing review but I do like it. And I will probably buy some other colours. It is quite cheap and a good product. I just hate the brush! That alone would cause me to to reach for another polish over this one. 

I couldn't just leave it plain either. I had to add a splash of sparkle. Its a pretty vidid colour I just have the compulsion to keep adding that little bit more.


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  1. amazing idea! of to buy those 2 exact nail polishes asap!! Isobel