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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Outfit | Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show

Jacket: Cooperative at UO
Top:  Cheap Monday
Riding Pants: American Apparel
Boots: Topshop (post)
Necklaces: Argos and Vivienne Westwood
Watch: Calvin Klein
Rings: Vivienne Westwood, Accesorize, Bjorg at UO, Silver Scene and Vintage
Nails: Barry M Green Berry and Sephora x OPI Sparktacular (post)

My Sister
Top, Skirt and Boots : Topshop
Earings: River Island

When I was back home last week I went with my mum and friends to the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show. My sister helped in organising it so we where there to show our support. I really didn't feel like dressing up all fancy (shock) so I just went for the usual all black with the addition of my current favourite jacket. Which I got for a bargain price in the Urban Outfitters sale.

I also wore my now deceased Topshop Katz boots. The buckle sadly broke a couple of days after this picture was taken. I have returned them now so the hunt for the perfect pair of boots is back on. Its entirely unnecessary as I have too many shoes as it is but I always keep an eye out!


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  1. oh no! Topshop katz boots were the ultimate pair of shoes I've been eyeing for! Does it break easily? And also the comment about you not wearing fancy... I think you are a really fancy person just wearing what you are wearing now and it's a powerful statement wearing black. Don't forget that lol. (fellow black wearing person here)

    1. Honestly I think the quality was good. The stitching just came away slightly on one of the boots. Topshop took them back just fine but the girl that served me didn't mention if it was a common fault or anything.
      Aw thank you! Im not really a heels or dresses person so I always feel a bit casual at things like that when people are really dressed up. Black is well within my comfort zone so it takes a lot to get me out of it!