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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Wishlist | Topshop

Look no black! Ok well maybe there is a tiny bit on the collar of that T-shirt but otherwise I think I did pretty good?

I popped into my local Topshop today just for a look and I saw so many things I liked. The quilted bomber jacket is the item that kicked it all off. I was love at first sight but honestly for £68 I think they are mad. I can't get my head around Topshop and their ever increasing prices. It really stops me shopping or even going in there.
I love all of these things I've picked out but probably wont actually be able to bring myself to purchase any of them just because they seem so overpriced. Obviously with the exception of the highlighter as its less than £10 but the clothing is something else!

Any combination of these items I think would look great together and latley I've been drawn to lighter greys and whites rather than my standard uniform of black. Which as it gets sunnier can seem just a bit too harsh.
Sadly these I feel these will just remain as items I will lust after rather than own.
It is a wishlist after all!

What do you think? Is Topshop too expensive or are the prices justified?


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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Life | Getting In The Way

So I sat down to write something to go on this here blog and honestly I am stumped.

During my glorious Easter break of doing very little for 3 whole weeks I was blogging away happily, I had loads of ideas and plenty of time to let things come together.

Fast forward to me having been back at uni for a week and a half and this poor wee blog is feeling a tad neglected.
I will never be someone who blogs daily as I just know I couldn't keep that up but less than once a week is really not what I want either.

My course is quite full on and I will always put it first in any situation so that obviously has a bit of an affect on my online activities. Having a blog and making videos is something I do for fun. Its a hobby that I really do enjoy.
I know my viewer/readership is only small but I can really put a lot of pressure on myself to keep up with things. Then it can become something else to stress about.

So posting may be sparse for the next few weeks but as soon as I am back in the swing of things with uni It will get back to normal!


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Monday, 15 April 2013

Photo Diary | Sunday Marathon

So yesterday I had the pretty perfect sunday. I think it was perhaps Brighton's first day of spring? It was sunny and warm, not hot but still a really nice day.

My boyfriend and I headed down to the sea front to cheer on all the runners taking part in the Brighton marathon and to just generally get out of the house and get some fresh air.
It was really super busy as a lot of people obviously had the same idea!
Whilst walking along we spotted on of the runners who was doing the marathon and was completing the final mile by cartwheeling her way to the finish line. I dont know how she did it but well done to her!

After walking around for a couple of hours we headed for sunday lunch at the Royal Oak in kemp town. My boyfriend and I are slowly working our way through all the pubs in brighton trying to find the best roast. This pork belly with all the trimmings is definitely a contender!

As if we weren't full enough I dragged us to Lick, a brilliant frozen yogurt shop in the laines. We ended up sat outside next to the actor that plays Super Hans in Peep Show. He was with his adorable children who were also tucking into some fro-yo. If you go definitely get the raspberry sauce and some form of chocolate topping to go with it.

Can't wait for more days like this now the weather seems to be on the turn.
Fingers crossed anyway.


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Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Additions | Aldo Wanette

So I have bought yet another pair of shoes. Shock horror, I have no willpower whatsoever. I've managed to rationalise it a little as I had to return my Topshop Katz boots and these are a bit more summery, and are technically sandals?!

I had been looking at them online for ages. I think I spotted them first on pinterest and haven't been able to get them out of my head since. They didn't have them in my local Aldo in Brighton (as per usual) so when I was in London last week I dragged my poor mother straight to the Oxford Street branch. 

As soon as I put them on I was sold. They fit me perfectly and are honestly so comfortable. I always have problems with shoes, I have weird skinny feet and get blisters ridiculously easily but these I cant gush enough about how perfect they are.

I insisted on wearing them out of the shop which is most unlike me. I dont know what it is I just think they are my perfect pair of shoes. And should the weather ever warm up I will be able to wear them in the summer.
For now I will be pairing them with socks or tights and wearing them with any and every outfit from now on!


P.s I have a dupes post all about these find it here.

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Closer Look | Kat&Bee Ring

When I attended the Emslie press day  earlier this week I was lucky enough to come away with this little beauty. I was really thrilled to just be invited but this was really such a surprise.
Prior to the press day I handn't seen any of Kat&Bee's peices in person let alone try one on!

I chose the beautiful  Cabriole ring which is part of the current spring/summer St Tropez collection. From the names you can obviously tell that the inspiration came from the south of France but as this is one of her cult designs which ever the collections themes skulls are incorporated into at least a few of the pieces.
And the skulls are definitely my favourite. The thin silver band gives it a very delicate feel but the addition of the skull really toughens it up.

As each of the rings is handmade there is slight variation with each peice. But this also lends itself well to personalisation. Kat&Bee will happily take commissions on pieces. So if for example you wanted an all all silver design or wanted to change the colour of beads or stones or the skull they can create it that way for you. If you or anyone you know is even anywhere near as fussy about things as me then this would be a great option!

I like to wear several rings at once and rarely wear just one on each finger and the thin band is perfect for stacking and layering different rings together. I wore it at work today and got more than a few comments and compliments on it!

At the press day I got a peek at the new A/W 13 collection and they are just as intriguing. The rings are a little chunkier and heavier and and as the inspiration for the collection is New York they also have a bit more of an edge.

With prices for the pieces starting at £65 it is definitely going to cost you more than going down to your local high street shop, but I really believe that investing a little more in good quality jewellery is always money well spent. If you look after it you can wear it forever. 
The same can't be said for a cheap ring that will turn bronze after a few wears!

Kate&Bee Jewellery can be purchased from thier website


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Friday, 12 April 2013

Photo Diary | Emslie Press Day

Yesterday I attended the Autumn/Winter 13 Press Day hosted By Emslie Creative. It was held in the lovely Hush resturaunt which honestly I could not find! I'm not hugely familiar with London so without trusty google maps I would have been done for.

One of the brands being showcased that really stood out to me was Nines Vintage. They are an online retailer specialising in designer vintage pieces from the 60's to 90's. I love vintage clothes so I was pretty transfixed by thier rail. A pair of High waisted printed jeans By Mochino particularly caught my eye. Through thier website they also offer a service where if you are looking for a specifc item they will track one down for you. Pretty handy if you don't have time to trudge round loads of vintage shops to find that perfect item you have been dreaming of or if you live in an area without many vintage retailers. They can do all that for you.

The Label Line also caught my eye. They are a relitavly new site whihc offer 'luxury designs from emerging designers'. Being an undergraduate textile designer myself I always refreshing to see people supporting up and coming designers rather than only championing already established brands. They have a pretty wide range of products for both men and women from clothing to jewellery and accesories. The jewellery pictured is by a designer called Yasmin Every and it really had me swooning. It is soon to be stocked on the site so definitely keep and eye out for that.

Lastly but by no means least is jewellery by Kat&Bee. Now I have a post here all about my own Kat&Bee ring but the new collection is really something. Kat Barry is a jewellery designer working out of East London and her A/W13 collection is inspired by the five boroughs of New York. And well, I wanted all of it! I am a bit of a magpie in general but rings are really my thing. I tired on the gorgeous silver and gold skull ring and really had to force myself to take if off and put it back!
There where also some necklaces on show, not my personal style but perfect if eye catching statement necklaces are your thing. Also if you like a particular design but wanted a differnt colour way or had a specific design in mind they do take commissions. With prices starting at £65 they are more of an investment but defintiely worth it.

While I was there I also picked out a few of my favourite pieces and did a short spot of filming just talking through the bits that I liked. I'm not going to pretend it wasn't nerve wracking as I have never filmed anything with anyone else in the room and there where several peoeple watching but I got past it quickly. It was such a fun morning and I am so grateful to Amber and the rest of the Emslie team for having me.


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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Modelling | Haze Backstage

Photos via Corrine Noel Photography

Just a few shots from backstage at the fashion show.
A couple of me looking utterly terrified and one actual smile with my friend Christina who was keeping us all organised. We definitely had her to thank for keeping us going out on time and in the right order.


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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Life | Selling My Stuff

I just thought I would share with you that I have put some bits and bobs on ebay. Everything with a starting price of £0.99 so if you want to grab a bargain or just have a look everything can be found here.


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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Modelling | Haze Fashion and Textiles Show

So couple of weeks ago I was roped into modelling in my uni fashion show. I didnt really protest it too much but I was rather nervous. The thought of tripping and making a fool of myself in front of a lot of the people I see on a daily basis did kind of terrify me. 

Due to a last minute hiccup there had to be a change of venue so It was held in St Bartholomew's church in Brighton. The church itself is really quite large so the catwalk was pretty long. Maybe that explains my terrified facial expressions?!

The show was put on show case the work of the current first and second year fashion and textiles students. I am in second year but didn't have any work in the show as my garment currently isn't finished yet but I ended up wearing garments that some of my friends had created.

On the day most of my friends didn't actually recognise me with such sleek hair and no glasses, I didn't really recognise myself if I'm honest! It was only when I opened my mouth to start talking that anyone realised it was actually me.

It was a long and rather tiring day but the show went really well. Everyone involved worked so hard to ensure it ran smoothly and the hair and makeup teams did a brilliant job transforming us all into sleek and sophisticated creatures!

Garments as Shown:

1. Maria Do Mar, 2nd year Fashion
2. 1st year Fashion (currently unconfirmed)
3. Rosie Bowman Shaw, 1st year Fashion
4. Hattie Fieldman, 2nd year Knit (Textiles)
5. India Harris, 2nd year Print (Textiles)


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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Nails | Half Leopard

So these where a definite first attempt at this desgin. After seeing Christa's great nails I knew I had to try it for myself. Not as neat or as perfect as hers but I gave it a try!

The base is OPI 'Alpine Snow' with No7 'Sparkly Khaki' painted over one half. I then used Barry M 'Greenberry' and Sally Hansen 'Lagoon' for the dots and a random black nail art pen for the outlines on the leopard print. Its not the best pen I've used but my Models Own one died on me so its a temporary solution.

I definitely want to try this in some other colour combinations as it pretty eye catching and something a little different to your regular all over leopard design. I looks much more complicated than it actually is to achieve I just need a bit of practice at it!


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