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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Life | Getting In The Way

So I sat down to write something to go on this here blog and honestly I am stumped.

During my glorious Easter break of doing very little for 3 whole weeks I was blogging away happily, I had loads of ideas and plenty of time to let things come together.

Fast forward to me having been back at uni for a week and a half and this poor wee blog is feeling a tad neglected.
I will never be someone who blogs daily as I just know I couldn't keep that up but less than once a week is really not what I want either.

My course is quite full on and I will always put it first in any situation so that obviously has a bit of an affect on my online activities. Having a blog and making videos is something I do for fun. Its a hobby that I really do enjoy.
I know my viewer/readership is only small but I can really put a lot of pressure on myself to keep up with things. Then it can become something else to stress about.

So posting may be sparse for the next few weeks but as soon as I am back in the swing of things with uni It will get back to normal!


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  1. Hi Tania :) I have just discovered your youtube channel and your blog, they are amazing and I really like enjoying watching and reading it!!! Also, I love your style and our fashion taste are very similar (thats why i love watching your hauls). I totally understand how stressful it would be to get things updated and cope with uni at the same time. But keep going and I am sure everything will go well xx

  2. Thank you! Yea its starting to level out now, It was definitely a shock to the system going back after three weeks off! Thanks so much :)