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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Modelling | Haze Fashion and Textiles Show

So couple of weeks ago I was roped into modelling in my uni fashion show. I didnt really protest it too much but I was rather nervous. The thought of tripping and making a fool of myself in front of a lot of the people I see on a daily basis did kind of terrify me. 

Due to a last minute hiccup there had to be a change of venue so It was held in St Bartholomew's church in Brighton. The church itself is really quite large so the catwalk was pretty long. Maybe that explains my terrified facial expressions?!

The show was put on show case the work of the current first and second year fashion and textiles students. I am in second year but didn't have any work in the show as my garment currently isn't finished yet but I ended up wearing garments that some of my friends had created.

On the day most of my friends didn't actually recognise me with such sleek hair and no glasses, I didn't really recognise myself if I'm honest! It was only when I opened my mouth to start talking that anyone realised it was actually me.

It was a long and rather tiring day but the show went really well. Everyone involved worked so hard to ensure it ran smoothly and the hair and makeup teams did a brilliant job transforming us all into sleek and sophisticated creatures!

Garments as Shown:

1. Maria Do Mar, 2nd year Fashion
2. 1st year Fashion (currently unconfirmed)
3. Rosie Bowman Shaw, 1st year Fashion
4. Hattie Fieldman, 2nd year Knit (Textiles)
5. India Harris, 2nd year Print (Textiles)


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  1. Wow you look amazing. Like you said, you look nothing like yourself but you do look really nice and very 'model esc' if that makes any sense. You don't look terrified to me, just not smiling which models aren't normally allowed to do anyway! The church is beautiful!! xo

    1. Yea the church was really beautiful and looked amazing in all the photographs. Well thank you! Not smiling was the hardest part! :) x