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Monday, 15 April 2013

Photo Diary | Sunday Marathon

So yesterday I had the pretty perfect sunday. I think it was perhaps Brighton's first day of spring? It was sunny and warm, not hot but still a really nice day.

My boyfriend and I headed down to the sea front to cheer on all the runners taking part in the Brighton marathon and to just generally get out of the house and get some fresh air.
It was really super busy as a lot of people obviously had the same idea!
Whilst walking along we spotted on of the runners who was doing the marathon and was completing the final mile by cartwheeling her way to the finish line. I dont know how she did it but well done to her!

After walking around for a couple of hours we headed for sunday lunch at the Royal Oak in kemp town. My boyfriend and I are slowly working our way through all the pubs in brighton trying to find the best roast. This pork belly with all the trimmings is definitely a contender!

As if we weren't full enough I dragged us to Lick, a brilliant frozen yogurt shop in the laines. We ended up sat outside next to the actor that plays Super Hans in Peep Show. He was with his adorable children who were also tucking into some fro-yo. If you go definitely get the raspberry sauce and some form of chocolate topping to go with it.

Can't wait for more days like this now the weather seems to be on the turn.
Fingers crossed anyway.


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  1. absolutely gorgeous sandals!! please do an ootd with them soon cccc: (like super duper soon.:) xxx kim

  2. Lovely photos! I just watched your latest YouTube video and was wondering if you would let us know when your eBay items go up? very interested because I always love you taste in clothes/accessories and lots of great brands like COS for example aren't available in America, will you ship there?


    1. thank you, unfortunately probably not. Shipping and postage costs for the uk are crazy expensive as it is and sending anything further afield would just be really not an option at the moment :)

  3. I love the idea of trying to find the best pub roast with your boyfriend, your shoes are gorgeous and that raspberry sauce looks so good!

    1. Honestly the food was amazing! Yea we go to a different place every so often, there are so many great places to eat here I don't think we will run out any time soon! :)

  4. that yogurt looks amazing! i love brighton, wish i went to uni there x

    1. It is sooo good! I'm really glad I came here for uni I love it :)