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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Wishlist | Topshop

Look no black! Ok well maybe there is a tiny bit on the collar of that T-shirt but otherwise I think I did pretty good?

I popped into my local Topshop today just for a look and I saw so many things I liked. The quilted bomber jacket is the item that kicked it all off. I was love at first sight but honestly for £68 I think they are mad. I can't get my head around Topshop and their ever increasing prices. It really stops me shopping or even going in there.
I love all of these things I've picked out but probably wont actually be able to bring myself to purchase any of them just because they seem so overpriced. Obviously with the exception of the highlighter as its less than £10 but the clothing is something else!

Any combination of these items I think would look great together and latley I've been drawn to lighter greys and whites rather than my standard uniform of black. Which as it gets sunnier can seem just a bit too harsh.
Sadly these I feel these will just remain as items I will lust after rather than own.
It is a wishlist after all!

What do you think? Is Topshop too expensive or are the prices justified?


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