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Friday, 17 May 2013

Nails | My Hidden Treasure

As you may have noticed posts have been a little thin on the ground here lately. Hopefully things will return to normal after the next week or so but thanks for sticking with me!

Doing my nails has also taken a but of a backseat, an interesting top coat is about as far as I will stretch in the way of nail art at the moment. And when I do, Sally Hansen's 'Hidden Treasure' is my current go-to.
It livens up pretty much any darker toned polish. While you can still see its iridescence on more pastel shades it definitely stand out agains a black or in this case dark brown base better.

This time around I opted for OPI 'My Private Jet'. I have been guilty of overlooking this little gem of a polish for a while but after doing these nails it reminded me how nice it can look.
To make things slightly less boring I added the topcoat. It reflects slightly different colours depending on the base coat but these ones ended up looking like some sort of snake or beetle with red, gold and green tones.

This particular polish isn't the easiest to track down. I purchased mine from eBay quite some time ago.  And sine I haven't seen it come up again for a reasonable price.
But there are many other similar polishes avalible. I have the 'Gemstone' topcoat by Andrea Fullerton at Superdrug and Look Beauty also have a couple of options. The 'Pearl' or 'Sequin' effect polishes aren't as densely packed as the Sally Hansen version but they are far easier to get your hands on!

China Glaze 'Luxe and Lush' also deserves an honourable mention. I have it and have used up more than half. Quite a rarity for me.
Its not the same sort of formula as 'Hidden Treasure' but it gives a great effect but with more chunky iridescent flakie pieces.. You can get your mitts on it from eBay (where I got mine) here.

I want to get back to doing fancier things but for now flakie topcoats are my saviour.


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  1. This looks gorgeous with the top coat! MUST try it x


  2. Oh I love how colorful that looks while being sophisticated at the same time :)

  3. Replies
    1. Really? Its so easy to do, give it a go :)

  4. This looks incredible! I really badly want to track down both nail polishes now
    Lucia x

    1. The opi one should be easy enough but I wanted to buy a back up of hidden treasure and couldn't find it anywhere. It doesn't help that in the UK they have named another and I think newer Sally Hansen polish 'hidden treasure' as well. So when you search for it you get a pale pinky polish coming up a lot of the time instead!